Le Marche through the curtains of the waterfall!


We started our journey at the borders of Le Marche region (Italy) looking for “Volpara falls” early in the morning with 3 degrees…BRRRRRR!!

But it totally worth it! So…follow the arrow this way!

Umito-Marche-start In the heart of “Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga” National Parc, from the little town of Umito, we followed a path thrown into a “Lord of the Ring” scenario with green moss on big rocks and red leaves’ carpet. Seems only white elfs where missing (or maybe we haven’t noticed them!). volpara falls marche


Getting deeper into the beech forest you find lots of little rivers and falls easy to ford (and very very adventurous!), or abandoned caverns from local sheperds who also used to make traditional woodpiles at path’s borders.


woods-Parco nazionale del Gran Sasso e dei Monti della Laga-Italy volpara-falls-marche Here we are! Volpara falls and their tipical sandstone slipways…mind the wet flor & have a nice (and earned!) pic nic! Keep following Picus! °v°

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