Oh (how many!) albero!

Xmas holidays are almosy over. Cause you know, “L’Epifania tutte le feste si porta via!”, or to say it in English, “Epiphany brings away all festivities!”.

So it really is time to challenge in your soul all left over Xmas spirit and make a huge provision of “merriness and brightness” for the new year!

tree quote

We were in desperate need of cold, pines’ smell and tiny lights so, no place was better than the “Urban Wood”!  Yes, a pines’ wood in the middle of the city: lots of well-lighted Xmas trees in the lovely frame of S. Severino city centre (Macerata province).


We loved the project, the green spirit of which was made (imagine that you can adopt a tree of the forest and bring it at home after the 6th of January!) and this clever city that brought the idea to life!


Walk through the forest, make a wish and hang it on a tree! There is enough “Christmassness” to fill your entire year!


Notes on Olives’ mornings

Is not that breathtaking and intense perfume while queueing at the olive mill,

or that tranquility’s sensation and calm buzz of old men’s with their hats on a Sunday morning,

is not even a question of taste itself (even though the final flavor is always amazing and so genuine!) or a matter of tradition (which, however, makes everything more sacred!),


but most of all is a fact of waking up on foggy autumn’s mornings for doing something with your own hands. Something you can eat. Something coming from your own trees. Is also a “family thing”. An appointment with centuries of history you have to honor. One of those memories coming back from the past that live again, always in the same way, kept intact.


These, after all the efforts, are the most amazing and thrilling feelings you’ll get from the hard hand work of olives’ picking. After days of early awakenings, frost and blisters on both hands. That pure and warm liquid gold coming from ancient gestures that makes us say also this year “Thanks Providence. And thank you Nature!”.

olive oil

Grannies (& flowers) power! – The unknown spring contest inside Italian villages

For those who “rain water it’s more than enough to feed plants” (even in summer with 40° and first cloud at 10000 km!), for those who “only succulent has a chance to survive” (but the chances will be higher in the middle of the desert!), for those who had granny’s green thumb only while playing with skin paint,

okay, so…for those like me 🙂 …it’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are so many flowers and colors and plants that no one is gonna notice our gardening ineptitude!

appignano spring le marche

But is when the game gets hard…that the grannies start to play!

On time, from the 21st of March, starts a very funny (and not to be missed!) show among Le Marche villages’ sleepy alleys: it’s the competition for “the-best-garden-balcony-doorway-of-the-year”! Through the silent roads, the hardened grannies pull out crockery of every shape, iron pillars of every kind, watering cans and most of all, green plants and flowers hidden in the houses the whole winter!

spring in italian village le marche appignano grannies

And who needs a green thumb if you could enjoy such an amazing show?! It’s definitely far more fun being the silent judge of this imaginary colorful contest (that in the end is not imaginary at all!). Plus the fun of roaming around in tight alleys where no cars are allowed!

So enjoy the show kindly given by these amazing grannies and…may the best win! °v°

flowers grannies italian village spring le marche

villages le marche italian spring flowers

flowers amandola spring plants le marche

flowers italy le marche alleys village

sarnano le marche spring flowers competition plants

appignano flower le marche italy spring

Look a lot like Xmas!

christmas markets in Le Marche

Santa’s almost at the door (or fireplace!), snow has already whitened mountains’ peaks so… Xmas season has finally come!

Time to get ready! Wrapping presents in gold paper with big velvet ribbons, print the labels(here’s our favorites…and free: http://www.threelittlemonkeysstudio.com/santas-special-delivery-printable-gift-tags/ ), writing festives wishes while “jingle all the way”‘s playing…

But…WAIT! We just miss a thing…PRESENTS!!

Keep calm! Here’s a list of Xmas markets you could not miss, where to find dreamy-cutie-useful-original-handmade-perfect Xmas gifts!

So put on scarf & gloves, arm yourself with a take away mug of hot chocolate and chose your perfect Xmas itinerary in Le Marche region! In our map all the appointments you could not miss, keep reading below for more infos 🙂


6-24 DECEMBER (from 9 am to 10 pm), @Piazza Pertini (ANCONA)

Find the traditional Xmas market in the heart of the city. Even if you’re  a Xmas presents’ latecomer you can make last minute shopping on Xmas’ Eve! Looking for something special? Visit the VINTAGE market open from 20 to 24 December in Piazza Roma.

27-28 DECEMBER, @ Corso Garibaldi (ANCONA)

Antiques lovers’ this is the last appointment of the year…Time to make a present for yourselves 🙂 and , (why not?) find amazing vintage accessories for New Year’s Eve.

More info here: http://www.anconatoday.it/eventi/natale-in-ancona-6-dicembre-2014-4-gennaio-2015.html


One of the most evocative Xmas market in Le Marche, province of PESARO-URBINO.

The little town of CANDELARA hosts till 14 DECEMBER a candles’ festival, switching off artificial lights in alleys (at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm), creating a unique, intimate and very old-time atmosphere. Of course there’s a candle & Xmas’ stuff market through the medieval center… breathe Xmas magic 🙂 For kids also Santa’s laboratory and the snowy alley!

Find out more http://www.candelara.com/



Welcome in Le Marche Xmas town! A whole events’ calendar for all Xmas tastes which includes markets, concerts, shows…Have a look here and find your favorite: http://issuu.com/fermoturismo/docs/fermo_citt___natale?e=14469716/10345756


Is there a best place to enjoy a romantic Xmas rather than Paolo & Francesca’s castle in GRADARA (province of PESARO-URBINO)?

For these holidays (from 6 DECEMBER to 6 JANUARY) the medieval town turns into”Little Santa’s elfs village”: winter tastes such as vin brulè and chestnuts, tombola for adults and kids but the best part is ( hold on tightly literature’s lovers!) a walk through the village and the castle with live actors playing Paolo & Francesca’s drama ! Book the walk and find more info here: http://www.gradara.org/

For those who do not know Paolo & Francesca dramatic love story: http://www.gradara.org/storia-di-gradara/paolo-e-francesca/


A various Xmas market: from handmade, to vintage, through decorations! 14 and 21 DECEMBER, @MACERATA (http://www.ilbarattolo.com/mercatinodinatale.html)

Santa’ll be waiting for kids to mail their letters in Borgo Ficana @ Santa Village! Do not be late! http://amanuartes.jimdo.com/


Till 6 JANUARY 2015 (every week end) in URBINO, is the perfect occasion to shop at the Xmas market and also visit this beautiful city that’ll also host @ Palazzo Ducale, Leonardo da Vinci’s paint “The beautiful princess” (“La bella principessa”). Tickets and info: http://www.labellaprincipessa.it/

s benedetto


First appointment of the year with art & history, addressed to all antiques’ lovers! It’s gonna be a sweet Befana (even though you’ve received coal 🙂 )


After hot chocolate, shopping, chestnuts and god-knows-how-many-others-sweets…time for sport! In OSIMO center the iceskating rink is waiting! So put on silver skatings (times and cost at http://www.comune.osimo.an.it/absolutenm/templates/?a=1578&z=4) and if it’s not enough….more events here 🙂  http://www.comune.osimo.an.it/absolutenm/templates/default.aspx?a=1543&z=49

Have a holly jolly Christmas & see you out there (I’ll be the one with hot-something in hands!)

When we were going to work by bicycle…

Take a fall weekend,montefano

take a little medieval town in central Italy,

take lights, cobs, oranges and pumpkins everywhere… and good food (…we could never miss!)…

and welcome at “Autumn tastes’ festival” (Sapori d’Autunno) in Montefano (MC, Italy).


We have eaten as many chestnuts as we can (here’s a proof!),  and drunk a lot of Vin Brulè (hot spiced wine) plus a lot of local specialties while walking through an amazing show of old professions’ bicycles.

When there where no cars, each artisan must use his full equipped byke to ride through the town offering his services!   Barber, taylor, cooper … just chose yours!



The taylor’s bicycle…


The cooper’s bicyle…


and now the barber’s and the doctor’s ones..


We end with the roast chestnuts’men…


… And we hope you enjoyed the ride!  °v°