Picus yummy-enciclopedia where to find all central Italy traditional recipes and …. just some other of our favourite treats from wherever!

aperitivo receipe

… sauces and co. while gettin’ ready for dinner!

1. PERSIMMONS’ SAUCE – an easy and very very fall-style sauce (and a great method for eating an entire Parmesan wheel!)

cakes recipes

We were about to include a sugar receip too. Hopeless case.

1. LIMONCINI – …and if you do not like lemons, give them a chance with oranges 🙂

2. “SWEET LAMB” EASTER CAKE or “AGNELLETTO” – …a sweet Spring dessert made sweeter by its shape!

salty receipes

No trick…only amazing & tasty recipes!

1. CRESCIA & WILD HERBS – create a stylish & easy “Crescia-bar” to surprise your guests!

2. ASPARAGUS & ARTICHOKES PASTA – or how to conquer a girl with a vegetables’ bouquet! (also vegetarian edition!)

legumes receipes

…Once upon a time taste meets health!


2. CICERCHIA AND VEGETABLES’ SALAD – a warm dish, warms the heart (and stomach!)

3. BEANS WITH PORK RIND – OK. Maybe if you are on a diet…wait to try this one (if you can)!

4. LENTILS’ SOUP –  definitely to make with Castelluccio di Norcia’s lentils.

5. CHIKPEAS BROTH – take a winter night with rosemary in the air…

pic nic receipes

Outdoor/excursion/day trip comfort foods we ❤