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WELCOME in the Picus’ nest!

A legend wants a green woodpecker to guide the Picenus population in the quest of their lands, today Le Marche region, in central Italy: here starts our journey! Through festivals, markets, typical and tasty products, natural itineraries and culture in Le Marche area but also outside its boundaries … because no one knows where picus will fly next! We are two sisters, based in Osimo (Ancona province): thepicuspost - aboutIt’s a pleasure to meet you on this road 🙂 and THANKS for stopping by! …KEEP FOLLOWING PICUS!

PS: we’re really happy to answer your questions or just share opinions, help you planning your stay in Le Marche, organize a wine+ciauscolo brain-storming session… so contact us @ thepicuspost@gmail.com or via our FB profile!