The fragrance of autumn in a super traditional plate – taste our “sughetti” handed down recipe!

Italian autumn is…
every season has its colours and traditions. Especially when talking about food! Think about orange leaves and try to smell the fragrance of autumn grapes harvest: La Vendemmia as we call it!

Now you are almost ready to taste our “sughetti”!
must recipe
A super traditional but not so famous sweet plate that has been cooking for generations in our farmers’ families during this period of the year. Don’t worry they are alcohol free! Even though must is the main ingredient!


Since it’s a very traditional and “country” plate there isn’t an official recipe with precise ingredients’ doses.


You should see through the boiling phase if to add more flour or must, depending on how dense your sughetti will become! However here find two different (but not that much!) doses. We follow our granny’s Elda ones.

must anf flour

Elda’s: 10 lt of must,1.20 kg of “0” flour, walnuts and sugar as you like.

Esterina’s (granny’s mother): 1 glass of must every spoon of “0” flour, walnuts and sugar as you like.

Boil 2/3 of your must in a pot and put in a mixing bowl the remaining 1/3 cold and mix it with flour.

must and flour mixture

When it’s boiling add slowly and continuously the cold must stirred with flour and start to mix using a wooden spoon.

After add all walnut, well washed and dried.


From when the mixture started to boil it has to cook for another hour. And you have to keep blending mostly the whole time otherwise it could burn!

blending the mixture

At the beginning it could seem solid but the last half hour it should become softer.

hot must

To avoid the harsh taste of grape add sugar as much as you like (taste it!) but usually at least 5 or 6 spoons of sugar for 10 lt of must.

like honey!

While cooking, if it looks too dense or solid add a little bit of cold must instead add some flour if it seems liquid. In the end it should appear like honey. When it is ready, put the mixture in some glass or ceramic bowl without  covering and let it cool down.



must plate

Our autumn taste is on you table too!

Buon Appetito!

Buon appetito!

“Tagliere” sweet ‘n sour!

pickin' upAutumn doesn’t mean just chestnuts&leaves, that’s why today we talk about persimmons! We made a huge harvest this year and now we’re ready to make a super APERITIVO sauce!!

Get a glass of white wine, cheeses on a wooden cutting board (“tagliere”) and prepare this quick and easy sauce!

Ingredients: 2 persimmons, extra vergin olive oil, a hint of chili, salt.

persimmons' sauce preparation

Now you’re ready to taste it…and spread it among your friends! Yummy!



When we were going to work by bicycle…

Take a fall weekend,montefano

take a little medieval town in central Italy,

take lights, cobs, oranges and pumpkins everywhere… and good food (…we could never miss!)…

and welcome at “Autumn tastes’ festival” (Sapori d’Autunno) in Montefano (MC, Italy).


We have eaten as many chestnuts as we can (here’s a proof!),  and drunk a lot of Vin Brulè (hot spiced wine) plus a lot of local specialties while walking through an amazing show of old professions’ bicycles.

When there where no cars, each artisan must use his full equipped byke to ride through the town offering his services!   Barber, taylor, cooper … just chose yours!



The taylor’s bicycle…


The cooper’s bicyle…


and now the barber’s and the doctor’s ones..


We end with the roast chestnuts’men…


… And we hope you enjoyed the ride!  °v°

Legumes’ nights!

Who loves legumes?!appignano

Here find some recipes from Appignano, Marche legumes’ town, that last weekend hosted Leguminaria (“Legumes in the air”), a festival to rediscover this rural area’s traditional foods and professions. Legumes, a poor food that farmers and artisans use to eat in this region, are the protagonist of this 3 nights’ festival.

We walked through cellars, tavern and tiny alleys eating lentils, beans and chikpeas in handcrafted ceramic bowls (“le cocce“) made by local artisans. (…the best part is that you can keep them with you at the end!)

le cocce

Take Marche’s taste at home trying these traditional (…and easy…and good!) recipes we collected for you!

Find out more at


recipe beans and pork rind

Ingredients:  onion, pork rind, salt, celery, carrot, olive oil, beans previously soaked in water (at least for 15 hours), tomato puree.

Preparation:  soaked the beans in water for at least 15 hour, wash them up and boil them in hot and salted water. Clean and wash carefully the pork rind, then boil it in hot water till it becomes tender. In the meanwhile prepare a sautée with olive oil and onion. Now pour the pork rind in the sautée, add 2 or 3 spoonful of tomato puree, celery and carrot in bits. Salt and let it cook till it becomes a dense soup. Finally add the beans and let them cook for anoher 10 minutes. Serve it hot, pouring a drizzle of olive oil and toasted bread…Enjoy!

soup in coccia

recipe lentils' soup

Ingredients:  onion, pork sausage, salt, celery, carrot, olive oil, lentils previously soaked in water (at least for 2 hours), tomato puree, garlic, a white wine’s glass, pepper.

Preparation:  chop up onion, garlic, carrot, celery and sautè them with olive oil. Then add sausage and lentils previously soaked in water (at least for 2 hours), salted and boiled for 20 minutes. Cook it up, mixing and adding white wine. When wine will be evaporated, add tomato puree and water in the pot till the lentils will be covered up. salt znd cook for an hour keeping the pot covered. Finally, if you want, raise the flame so that the soup will become more dense. Add an handful of pepper, a drizzle of olive oil in each plate and serve with toasted bread…Buon appetito!


chikpeas brothIngredients:  onion, rosemary, salt, olive oil, chikpeas previously soaked in wa

chikpeas brothter (at least for 15 hours).

Preparation:  soak the chikpeas in salted water, at least from the night before (15 hours). Drain them and put an hint of bicarbonate.  Then beat them carefully, immerse them in a pot with lukewarm water and rinse them. This operation must be repeated at least twice. Cook them in anotehr pot with clean lukewarm water adding garlic, salt and rosemary. Serve with a little branch of rosemary in each plate, a drizzle of olive oil and toasted bread…Gnammy!

For any question or curiosity….comment below! °v°

Wandering at fall’s beginnings

A perfect afternoon itinerary … THE Perfect Afternoon itinerary!

10 minutes from Treia (MC), in the heart of Le Marche, there’s an easy panoramic path to the castle’s ruins of “La Roccaccia”.


A tower and few walls … enchanted deep green and red surroundings in this period of the year!



An air of mistery lingers in these ruins … the bloodthirsty master of these lands, Grimaldo di Aurelio, used to plunder and fire these lands, kidnapping the poor farmers in the castle’s basement.

roccaccia5That’s the origin of a lot of legends like the one  talking about a mysterious weaver and her gold loom in the castle’s dungeons.


By the way… we haven’t seen her!

Only birds, an astonish view and the first autumn colors! °v°