That French twist in Montefano downtown

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - historical theatre

A walk in downtown Paris… Champs Elysees’ shining lights…a smell of gold and preciuous  eau de toilette…a nostalgic and decadent Belle Epoque atmosphere in those sparkling windows and well dressed ladies.

paris - tour eiffel

Entering  “La Rondinella”, one of Le Marche historical Theatres in “Montefano (MC),is like awaking from a French dream, after breathing Chanel n°5 walking near La Senna river and smelling sweet marmelade croissants in one of those alleys sourrounding Notre Dame early at morning.

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - theatre

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - balconies

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - theatreA tiny jewel with 150 seats, buil at the end of the nineteenth century in perfect Liberty style. Two tiers of balconies and a horseshoe-shaped stall all wrapped in iron’s alloy flowers to live the atmosphere of a frivoluos night at the theatre just underneath “la Tour Eiffel”. Same industrial material and same sense of légèreté and elegance in the open-weave decorations.

Floral lamps lights up the whole theatre as the ones arising out of the darkness of a Parisian foggy night.

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - theatre

Four muses designed by artist Bruschi watch from above actors and spectators: Tersicore, muse of dance, Euterpe liric poet’s protector, Thalia for comedy and Melpomene, representing tragedy. Besides them find man’s life stages: childhood, youth, manhood and old age.

Montefano -Macerata - La Rondinella - muses

So…welcome back from France and from this journey discovering one of the Italian’s Art Nouveau examples! Even without moving a step out of this Le Marche rural town 🙂

Sometimes travel is not a question of where you actually are, but where your heart feels! °v°

Montefano - Macerata - La Rondinella - theatre

When we were going to work by bicycle…

Take a fall weekend,montefano

take a little medieval town in central Italy,

take lights, cobs, oranges and pumpkins everywhere… and good food (…we could never miss!)…

and welcome at “Autumn tastes’ festival” (Sapori d’Autunno) in Montefano (MC, Italy).


We have eaten as many chestnuts as we can (here’s a proof!),  and drunk a lot of Vin Brulè (hot spiced wine) plus a lot of local specialties while walking through an amazing show of old professions’ bicycles.

When there where no cars, each artisan must use his full equipped byke to ride through the town offering his services!   Barber, taylor, cooper … just chose yours!



The taylor’s bicycle…


The cooper’s bicyle…


and now the barber’s and the doctor’s ones..


We end with the roast chestnuts’men…


… And we hope you enjoyed the ride!  °v°