The fragrance of autumn in a super traditional plate – taste our “sughetti” handed down recipe!

Italian autumn is…
every season has its colours and traditions. Especially when talking about food! Think about orange leaves and try to smell the fragrance of autumn grapes harvest: La Vendemmia as we call it!

Now you are almost ready to taste our “sughetti”!
must recipe
A super traditional but not so famous sweet plate that has been cooking for generations in our farmers’ families during this period of the year. Don’t worry they are alcohol free! Even though must is the main ingredient!


Since it’s a very traditional and “country” plate there isn’t an official recipe with precise ingredients’ doses.


You should see through the boiling phase if to add more flour or must, depending on how dense your sughetti will become! However here find two different (but not that much!) doses. We follow our granny’s Elda ones.

must anf flour

Elda’s: 10 lt of must,1.20 kg of “0” flour, walnuts and sugar as you like.

Esterina’s (granny’s mother): 1 glass of must every spoon of “0” flour, walnuts and sugar as you like.

Boil 2/3 of your must in a pot and put in a mixing bowl the remaining 1/3 cold and mix it with flour.

must and flour mixture

When it’s boiling add slowly and continuously the cold must stirred with flour and start to mix using a wooden spoon.

After add all walnut, well washed and dried.


From when the mixture started to boil it has to cook for another hour. And you have to keep blending mostly the whole time otherwise it could burn!

blending the mixture

At the beginning it could seem solid but the last half hour it should become softer.

hot must

To avoid the harsh taste of grape add sugar as much as you like (taste it!) but usually at least 5 or 6 spoons of sugar for 10 lt of must.

like honey!

While cooking, if it looks too dense or solid add a little bit of cold must instead add some flour if it seems liquid. In the end it should appear like honey. When it is ready, put the mixture in some glass or ceramic bowl without  covering and let it cool down.



must plate

Our autumn taste is on you table too!

Buon Appetito!

Buon appetito!